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65 Reviews of Via Ferrata in Belluno

The province of Belluno includes some of the most beautiful Dolomite valleys with many aided itineraries of different degrees of difficulty. 

Along the valley of the Piave, already near the city of Belluno, you meet some via ferratas at low altitude that can be covered most of the year. A short distance from the city center, steep uphill via ferrata of the Dolomiti Bellunesi with the Schiara and Pelf that offer beautiful and challenging itineraries as well as theAlpago. In the central part of the province we meet on the west the via ferrata of the Pale di San Martino with theAgner dominating the Veneto side. The Civetta and the Moiazza offer some of the most challenging dolomitic trips including via ferratas. 

By going up towards the Cadore , we meet the King of the Dolomites - theAntelao with the recent ferrata leading to its glacier - and the Sorapis around which it is possible to make a magnificent circular route with two via ferrata paths.

By continuing north, you reach the Ampezzo valley with the magnificient Cortina d'Ampezzo. To the west of Cortina, you will find the Tofane, the Nuvolau, theAverau and Lagazuoi include some of the most beautiful climbing routes in the Dolomites. To the east the group of Cristallo.

Moving further to the east we reach the Cadore side of the via ferrata of the Sesto Dolomites, the Marmorole, and finally the Venetian side of both the Carnic Alps and the Friulian Dolomites

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