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7 Reports of Vie Ferrate in Bergamo

The province of Bergamo is dominated by the Orobie Alps and, further downstream, by the Orobie Prealps.

To the west, the province of Bergamo shares borders with Lecco and the groups of Resegone and the Grigne. The recent Via Ferrata of Monte Ocone is located on the southern reaches of the Resegone. In Bergamo Prealps we also meet the Ferratas of the Madonnina del Coren and Maurizio of theAlben.

Going up north you reach the wonderful peaks of the Orobie. On Presanella, go up the Ferrata to the Passo della Porta. Further north we find two routes in the wildest part of the Orobie: the via ferrata to the Pizzo Strinato and at Pizzo del Becco.

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