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5 Review of Via Ferrata in Biella

The province of Biella offers 5 aided routes of which 2 - theInfernone and the Balma - practicable most of the year. The remaining 3 itineraries - Nito Staich, Hi Miki and Limbo - they develop at a higher altitude in the mountains that rise above them Oropa. All via ferrata belong to the Pennine Alps and have moderate difficulties. From the peaks of these routes you can enjoy a beautiful view towards the Monte Rosa group. To learn more about the possible trips in the Biella area, we recommend the site Montagnabiellese.com.

Using the table it is possible to filter the itineraries in the province of Biella in alphabetical order, for difficulty, duration of the approach and the route as well as for the maximum altitude reached in the ascent. The report and details are accessed by clicking on the link in the Ferrata title.

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