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Emilia Romagna is the Apennine region with the largest number of via ferratas. Given the limited altitude, the aided routes are generally rather short, however, varying both in terms of difficulty and exposure and type of passage. Given the generally low altitude at which the itineraries develop, these can be traveled along most of the year.

The largest number of via ferrata is in the province of Reggio Emilia where in an hour's drive 5 via ferratas meet with difficulty level from the easy (Ferrata to the West wall of Bismantova and Balze of Malpasso) to the difficult (Penna and Barranco del Dolo). On the Apennine ridge there is the long and tiring one Aided path of the Groppi of Camporaghena and the brief Ferrata del Monte Alto.

Abundantly below 1000 meters we find two via ferratas practically practicable all year: la Via Ferrata of Rocca Badolo near Sasso Marconi a Bologna and the Via Ferrata della Pietra Nera near Salsomaggiore Terme a Parma.

On the border between the provinces of Parma, Piacenza and Genoa we meet two aided itineraries: the easy one Via Ferrata Adolfo Ferrari and the most challenging Ferrata Mazzocchi.

Top 3 Via Ferrata reccomended in Emilia Romagna: Via Ferrata della Pietra di Bismantova | Ferrata del Barranco del Dolo | Ferrata del Monte Penna

Top 3 Vie Ferrate easy and for beginners in Emilia Romagna: Ferrata to the West wall of Bismantova | Ferrasso of Balze del Malpasso | Via Ferrata Adolfo Ferrari

Top 3 Vie Ferrate most difficult in Emilia Romagna: Ferrata del Barranco del Dolo | Ferrata del Monte Penna | Via Ferrata della Pietra di Bismantova

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