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28 Reviews of Via Ferrata in Friuli Venezia Giulia

The Friuli Venezia Giulia it is a surprising region in terms of aided routes. We find two important mountain groups that share the number of aided routes present in approximately the same way.

On the western side of the region we find the Carnic Alps which, in part, border on Veneto and Austria. The highest mountain of the Carnic Alps is the Coglians which includes a beautiful and difficult via ferrata. Still on the Italian-Austrian border we meet other aided routes, among which the Ferrata Senza Confini, the Aided Cuestalta Path, the Ferrata to the Crete of Aip and many others. At this link you will find a complete list of Via Ferrata in the Carnic Alps.

Going downhill and away from the border we meet the via ferrata in the Friulian Dolomites, including the Ferrata Cassiopea, the Ferrata 50 of Clap and the Aided Path Simone.

Moving east and approaching the border with Slovenia we encounter the massive peaks of the Julian Alps. The routes are generally long and demanding with different levels of technical difficulty. We mention the wonderful aided routes to Canin, Jof Montasio and Jof Fuart. At this link you can find a full list of Via Ferrata in the Julian Alps.

The exceptions to these aided routes in a high mountain environment are represented by the Ferrata Biondi located in the mountains behind Trieste at low altitude and the nearby Ferrata Tenente Ruffano Pontebba.  

Top 5 Via Ferrata in Friuli Venezia Giulia: Ferrata Cassiopea at Torrione Comici | Ferrata 50 of the Clap | Ferrata Amalia at the Jof Motnasio | Mangart Ferrata | Ferrata del Coglians

Top 5 Via Ferrata Easy and for Beginners in Friuli Venezia Giulia: Ferrata Contin at Monte Cavallo | Bionata Ferrata with Winter Roses | Aided path of Ambros | Ferrata at the Zuc della Guardia | Aided path King of Saxony

Top 5 Via Ferrata most difficult in Friuli Venezia Giulia: Ferrata della Vita | Ferrata del Coglians | Ferrata 50 of the Clap | Ferrata Torre Clampil | Ferrata Senza Confini

Top 5 Via Ferrata by landscape in Friuli Venezia Giulia: Ferrata Julia al Canin | Mangart Ferrata | Ferrata Anita Goitan at the Jof Fuart | Aided path Ceria Merlone

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