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33 Reports of Vie Ferrate in Lecco

Despite the province of Lecco is in terms of territorial extension among the smallest of the Lombardy, its territory is rich in via ferratas, aided paths and, more generally, of mountaineering tradition.

From south to north we meet immediately Horns of Canzo and Moregallo in that strip of land that divides the Lake of Como in two arms. On these mountains, relatively low as altitude, we find varied itineraries, generally climbing but requiring good mountain experience.

Moving closer to the city of Lecco we meet the Resegone, with its characteristic via ferratas including the difficult one Gamma 2, the Medale, the Monte Due Mani and Coltiglione. The rock of these mountains is stupendous and the aided ways that climb them are very climbable and pleasant.

Going up the Val Fiscalina we reach i Piani di Bobbio and of Arteveggio where, beyond Aided path of the Stradini and the Ferrata Minonzio, there is one of the most challenging and rewarding via ferratas in the whole of the Alps: the Zucco Pesciola.

Going up along the Lake of Como finally, we meet the Grigne. Stunning and tapered, the Grigne are home to many aided paths and some medium difficulty climbing routes with stunning views.

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