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Along the Alpine and Prealpine mountains, Lombardy offers many possibilities to follow well-aided itineraries ranging from panoramic and accessible aided paths to extremely technical via ferratas or in high mountain environments.

On the banks of the Lake of Como we have many routes. There are many easy aided paths that climb the mountains (Horns of Canzo, Medale, Resegone) that surround Lecco and Como along the shores of the lake. Also in this area there are some via ferratas which, despite the rather low altitude, are difficult and technically challenging. The tracks in this area are characterized by the presence of a chain compared to the traditional wire rope.

Climbing towards the alpine ridge we meet the Grigne, rich in aided itineraries, and subsequently the Valtellina. Moving eastward and entering the province of Bergamo we have the via ferrata of the Orobic Prealps and Alps.

Finally the province of Brescia offers a long series of itineraries that, starting from the Lombard plain, reach theAdamello passing by i lakes of Garda and Idro crossing the valleys of the Brescia Prealps.


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    Lombardy region is surrounding the main Italian lakes. Here the via ferrata grouped by lake:


    Via Ferrata at Lake Garda

    Via Ferrata at Lake Como

    Vie Ferrate at Lake Iseo

    Via Ferrata at Lake Idro

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