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35 Reviews of Via Ferrata in Piedmont

Along the western and northern Alpine range, Piedmont offers a wide variety of aided routes. The itineraries are generally in the French style, therefore with an abundance of metal frames and generally rather athletic itineraries with limited possibilities to be climbed but not for this reason less interesting or fun than the most classic aided routes.

Starting clockwise from the province of Cuneo we meet two via ferratas in the Ligurian Alps (Rocca dei Corvi and Bec Valletta) and then climb into the Maritime Alps where we meet a series of recent via ferratas to which is added the historic one Ferrata degli Alpini with Oronaye.

The province of Turin has many routes along the various valleys that rise from the capital Graian Alps right up to the Italian-French border

Moving to the high Piedmont we meet 5 routes in the province of Biella and 4 in the Province of Vercelli that climb to the southern offshoots of the Pennine Alps.

Moving further to the east we meet the first part of the Lepontine Alps between Lake Maggiore and Italian-Swiss border.

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