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6 Review of Via Ferrata in Reggio Emilia

In theAppenine of Reggio Emilia , there are some interesting aided routes with different degrees of difficulty.

Going up from the plain, one immediately encounters the characteristic shape of the Pietra di Bismantova which, in addition to hosting almost 100 climbing routes, offers two via ferrata routes: the historic one Ferrata degli Alpini and the recent Ferrata Ovest or the Ultimo Sole. Going up towards the Apennine ridge we meet the Ferrata delle Balze of Malpasso - short itinerary with two suspension bridges and the possibility of traveling along a tyrolienne - and then the challenging via ferrata a Civago: the physical Ferrata del Monte Penna and the vertical Ferrata del Barranco del Dolo. Along the ridge there is also the long hike that includes the Aided path of the Groppi of Camporaghena and the brief Ferrata del Monte Alto.

Using the table it is possible to filter the itineraries in alphabetical order, for difficulty, duration of the approach and the route as well as for the maximum altitude reached in the ascent. The report and details are accessed by clicking on the link in the Ferrata title.

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