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15 Reviews of Via Ferrata in Turin

The province of Turin it is crossed by the mighty walls of the western alpine ridge, divided between the Cottian Alps and the Graian Alps, reachable from the many valleys that go back to the French border from the Piedmontese capital. 

The Val di Susa offers many via ferrata, starting from its lowest part - the Ferrata at Sacra di San Michele, theForesto Gorge and Chianocco, the Rocca Bianca - up to the highest part of the valley both in the direction of Cesana Torinese which Bardonecchia

Also there Val Chisone to the south it houses some paths as well as to the north in the Canavese there is a new and demanding via ferrata. 

The style of the via ferrata (French style) with extensive use of brackets, pegs and handles, presence of suspension bridges. The streets are characterized by a marked verticality and required athletic commitment.

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