5 Via Ferrata itineraries

Via Ferrata in the Apuan Alps

The so-called Apuan Alps are an Apennine mountain group located completely in Tuscany and included between the Lunigiana, the Garfagnana, the Versilia and theMassa seaside coast. Although it is an Apennine group, the name recalls not much the altitude rather the steep, shape and character of its peaks.

Below you find 5 reviews of via ferrata that develop in the Apuan Alps.

Difficult itinerary

Via Ferrata to the Monte Contrario

This recent ferrata goes up the south wall of the Monte Contrario bringing near the Passo delle Pecore. The Ferrata is within a long and arduous itinerary, both in the approach and in the return. Be careful to take this tour in the summer months as the temperature and southern exposure could make the climb very hot.

Moderately difficult itinerary

Ferrata Tordini Galligani

The Ferrata Tordini - Galligani (often also known as Ferrata Foce Siggioli) is a historic via ferrata Apuan Alps located in the north wall of the Pizzo d'Uccello. The ferrata is of medium difficulty and allows you to continue via expert trail to the top of the Pizzo d'Uccello or to undertake a simpler ring route that takes you back to the starting point.

Easy itinerary

Via Ferrata Salvatori at the Pania Forata

This easy ferrata is characterized by being aerial and faithfully following the ridge that rises from the Foce di Petrosciana to the Monte Forato. Given the low altitude it is passable for most of the year.

Easy itinerary

Ferrata to the Procinto

The Monte Procinto is a truly unique mountain formation. A square tower of 150 m with straight and overhanging walls on all 4 sides. For almost a century a Via Ferrata has been aided that climbs up the rock formation and allows reaching the summit grove in about 40 minutes.

Easy itinerary

Via Ferrata Malfatti at Monte Sumbra

The Ferrata Malfatti is an easy via ferrata that allows you to climb up the Monte Sumbra from the slope of the Passo Fiocca. The ferrata takes place mainly on exposed but never complicated grassy leaps. The cable serves mainly as a handrail and is a route suitable for beginners on via ferrata trips.

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