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Via Ferrata in the Carnic Alps and Carnic Prealps

The mountain group of the Carnic Alps is located between the Julian Alps to the east and the Dolomites to the west. They develop mainly in the Friuli area and partially in Veneto and Carinthia and are named after the Carnia. The group is delimited by the Piave to the west, the Tagliamento to the east and from the Veneto-Friuli plain to the south.

There are many aided routes that climb the main peaks of the Alps and Carnic Prealps as well as in Friulian Dolomites. The highest peak - the Coglians - hosts a challenging via ferrata that goes up the Austrian side. Many routes run on peaks to the Italian-Austrian border as well as in many itineraries there are traces of the fighting of the WWI.

Below you find 17 riviews of via ferrata that develop in the Carnic Alps and in the Carnic Prealps.

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  • Very difficult itinerary

    Via Ferrata Cassiopea

    Challenging route including the Via Ferrata Cassiopea to the Comici Tower in Friulian Dolomites, part of the Carnic Prealps. Long and demanding route with vertical, technical and exposed ferrata. Descent of the tower with via ferrata not to be underestimated.

    Very difficult itinerary

    Via Ferrata Senza Confini

    Review of Via Ferrata Senza Confini to the Cellon. The via ferrata is very demanding, vertical, exposed and physical. To be avoided if not well trained and used to exposure. Medium-length itinerary with strong historical interest and the possibility of traveling through a long aided war gallery.

    Very difficult itinerary

    Via Ferrata del Coglians

    Review of the difficult Ferrata to the north wall of Coglians, recently renovated, which takes place in a beautiful high mountain environment on the border between Italy and Austria. Long itinerary with approach of more than 2 hours and return by aided path. Ideal trip to be divided into two days.

    Difficult itinerary

    Via Ferrata 50 of the Clap

    Review of Via Ferrata 50 of the Clap to the Creton of the Culzei. Very satisfying, varied itinerary, with a long aided stretch that alternates technical passages with long stretches on the ridge. Very beautiful landscapes on the Carnic Alps. Attention to approach and return, both challenging and long.

    Difficult itinerary

    Via Ferrata del Chiadenis

    Itinerary described with ascent from Via Ferrata along the War Track (northeast slope) and descent from the Ferrata CAI Portogruaro (southwest side). Difficult route, very beautiful and with strong historical interest. Some challenging passages mark the way.

    Moderately difficult itinerary

    Ferrata Zuc della Guardia

    Review of the short Ferrata degli Alpini up the Zuc della Guardia in Carnic Alps. Short itinerary and not particularly difficult. Ideal to combine with other aided routes in the area.

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