12 via ferrata itineraries

Via Ferrata in the Belluno and Zoldo Dolomites

North of the city of Belluno, the Dolomites of Zoldo, of which Dolomiti Bellunesi are a subgroup, extends. Although relatively close to the plain, these mountains have maintained a wild aspect and the routes of ascension are often demanding and long. 

The Via Ferrata climbs up to Civetta - the group's main summit -, to Schiara, the Moiazza and Pelf. Other important peaks like the Pelmo and Pramper have alpinistic itineraries to reach their peaks. Common feature of the itineraries in the Dolomiti Bellunesi and of Zoldo is the length requiring good training and mountain experience.

Below you find 9 reviews of aided routes that develop in Belluno Dolomites Park and in the Dolomites of Zoldo.

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  • Very difficult itinerary

    Via Ferrata Fiamme Gialle at the Palazza Alta

    Review of the difficult Via Ferrata Fiamme Gialle at the Palazza Alta in the Civetta Group. Very long and tiring itinerary with a very difficult via ferrata and therefore recommended only for experienced hikers in good shape. Very long and demanding return that requires you to take the via ferrata soon or to break the itinerary into two days by spending the night at the hut.

    Very difficult itinerary

    Ferrata Costantini at Moiazza

    Review of the very long Ferrata Costantini at Moiazza to the top of Southern Moiazza. A unique itinerary in terms of height, duration and length. Within the itinerary, you will encounter a series of very varied challenging passages. Passages on the ridge and in exposed and unprotected ledges. Itinerary to be planned with care and to travel only if well trained and experienced in climbing and hiking in the high mountains environment.

    Difficult itinerary

    Ferrata Berti at the Schiara

    Review of the difficult Ferrata Berti up the Schiara. Ferrata that extends in altitude as a natural continuation of the Ferrata Zacchi or Sperti to climb to the top of the Schiara from the western side. Ring route with return with the Piero Rossi Ferrata down to Rifugio VII Alpini. A long itinerary with a high difference in height, where it is advisable to divide the climb in two days and follow it only if well trained and with good experience.

    Difficult itinerary

    Ferrata Zacchi

    Review of the difficult Ferrata Zacchi up the Schiara. The via ferrata can be reached from the Rifugio VII Alpini at the foot of the Schiara and climbs the southwestern wall in a succession of chimneys, traverses and very pleasant and demanding walls. Magnificent and strongly dolomitic panorama along the ascent route, surrounded by the looming walls of the Schiara. Long hike to travel if well trained.

    Moderately difficult itinerary

    Ferrata degli Alleghesi

    Review of the long and famous Ferrata degli Alleghesi to the Monte Civetta in Dolomites of Zoldo. Magnificent but challenging itinerary in terms of length, height difference and duration as well as for the return that can take place via the normal route (aided) or for the demanding Ferrata Tissi.

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