16 Via Ferrata itineraries

Via Ferrata in the Brenta Dolomites

The Group of the Brenta Dolomites belongs to the Rhaetian Alpsand they lay completely within the province of Trento . They are the only dolomitic group on the western side of theAdige river.

The group has an extension of about 40 km from north to south and 12 km from east to west with a multitude of trips, vie ferrate and mountaineering difficulties to match and enjoy. The via ferratas that develop in the Brenta Dolomites are characterized by moderate technical difficulties but, almost all of the routes, extends at high altitude and often require the crossing of glaciers and perennial snowfields.

Below you find 16 reviews of via ferrata that develop in the Brenta Dolomites.

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  • Difficult itinerary

    Ferrata delle Bocchette Alte

    The suggestive Ferrata delle Bocchette Alte is one of the most famous high altitude routes in the entire Italian Alpine region and beyond. The itinerary is grandiose and extends in an unforgettable environment. The ferrata does not have technically difficult passages but it is a high mountain trip with many exposed stretches (some not protected). Near the Tucket glacier is generally encountered snow and ice even in late season and therefore it is necessary to be prepared. 

    Moderately difficult itinerary

    Via Ferrata Bocchette Centrali

    The historic Via Ferrata Bocchette Centrali is one of the most famous aided routes in Italy and perhaps in the world. The route takes us into a wild, majestic and airy environment which, while not presenting any particular technical difficulties in its aided sections, will make us savor the high mountain with views that are difficult to forget.

    Moderately difficult itinerary

    Via Ferrata Brentari

    The Ferrata Ottone Brentari is a via ferrata that connects the huts Pedrotti and Agostini following a path without significant technical difficulties under the Cima d'Ambiez. This via ferrata can be traveled in both directions although following it in the direction Agostini-Pedrotti you will have the opportunity to follow it uphill and enjoy the best views along the way.

    Moderately difficult itinerary

    Aided path of the Ideal

    The Aided path dell'Ideale is a majestic path that extends under the Cima d'Ambiez in Brenta Dolomites. This trip is generally accomplished either as a connecting path between the huts XII Apostles and Agostini or as a continuation of the Via Ferrata Brentari linking the Rifugio Pedrotti to XII Apostoli

    Moderately difficult itinerary

    Via Ferrata Spellini

    The recent Via Ferrata Spellini connects the Rifugio Tosa Pedrotti with Bocca degli Armi connection point between the Via Ferrata Bocchette Centrali and Alte. The via ferrata is generally used as a return path for a round trip from the Rifugio Pedrotti. The itineraries do not present high technical difficulties however it is exposed and the environment is of high mountains.

    Moderately difficult itinerary

    Via Ferrata Benini

    The Via Ferrata Benini is the northward continuation of the Ferrata delle Bocchette Alte and the most recent section of the via delle Bocchette that crosses the Brenta Dolomites. The itinerary connects the Passo Grosté with the Bocca di Tucket where ends Bocchette Alte. The itinerary is long and like the other sections of the Via delle Bocchette, it is characterized by long ups and downs and exposed ledges with breathtaking views. 

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