13 Via Ferrata itineraries

Via Ferrata in the Sesto Dolomites

The Group of the Sesto Dolomites is placed between the provinces of Bolzano and Belluno and takes its name from the village of Sesto ("Sixth") located on the north-eastern side of the group.

The territory covered by the group is quite extensive and inside there are some subgroups with high alpine interest: the 3 Cime of Lavaredo, the Cadini di Misurina, the Paternal, the Croda dei Toni, the Popera and many others. Many of these groups are crossed by Via Ferrata and aided routes.

Below you find 13 relazioni of Via Ferrata that develop on Sesto Dolomites.

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  • Difficult itinerary

    Via Ferrata Zandonella

    The Via Ferrata Zandonella rises the south wall of the Croda Rossa di Sesto. The Via Ferrata is rather short but included in a long itinerary in a very suggestive and isolated environment. The route includes a physically demanding section and you will climb next to remains of the WWI.

    Moderately difficult itinerary

    Via Ferrata delle Scalette at the Torre di Toblin

    The Via Ferrata delle Scalette rises from the western slope of the Tower of Toblin in front of the 3 Cime di Lavaredo. The route is devoid of difficult passages although it is constantly exposed and vertical in its passages. Return through the Via Ferrata of the Hosp Chaplain.

    Moderately difficult itinerary

    Via Ferrata Strada degli Alpini

    The magnificent Via Ferrata Strada degli Alpini is a long aided itinerary that develops under the slopes of Popera and of Cima Undici. The itinerary runs mainly over more or less wide ledges and the technical passages are limited. Magnificent panorama all along the way.

    Moderately difficult itinerary

    Via Ferrata Innerkofler to the Paterno

    The Via Ferrata Innerkofler De Luca at Monte Paterno is one of the most beautiful via ferrata in the Sesto Dolomites. The route is magnificent and rises next to the 3 Cime di Lavaredo

    Moderately difficult itinerary

    Via Ferrata Costoni of the Croda Rossa di Sesto

    The beautiful Ferrata dei Costoni at the Croda Rossa di Sesto climbs on the north side of this magnificent mountain. The route is devoid of substantial difficulties while the steep re-entry requires more attention.

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