8 Via Ferrata itineraries

Via Ferrata in the Catinaccio Group

The Catinaccio Group (also known as "Rosengarten" in German) is a mountain massif belonging to the Fassa Dolomites included between Valley of Tiers, the Val d'Ega and the Val di Fassa. The group belongs to the Fassa Dolomites and include, among others, the Catinaccio of Antermoia, the Cima Catinaccio, the Molignon, the Torri del Vajolet, the Cima del Larsec and the Roda di Vael.

Below you find 8 reviews of aided routes that develop in the Catinaccio Group.

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  • Difficult itinerary

    Ferrata Laurenzi

    The Ferrata Laurenzi it is a wonderful ridge itinerary that extends in one of the wild corners of the group of Catinaccio between Molignon di Dentro and Molignon di Fuori. The itinerary requires a long approach and return and is often inserted into a longer itinerary that may include other aided paths.

    Moderately difficult itinerary

    Ferrata Catinaccio of Antermoia

    The Ferrata to the Catinaccio of Antermoia is a via ferrata from the enormous landscape interest that extends both uphill and downhill along the walls of the Catinaccio of Antermoia. The report is proposed with departure from Gardeccia hut and presents two options for return. The environment is very popular but you go up over 3000 m and therefore need the typical precautions of the high mountain environment.

    Moderately difficult itinerary

    Via Ferrata Masarè

    The Via Ferrata Masarè is a wonderful ridge itinerary that runs along the south side of the ridge between Punta Masarè and the Roda da Vael. The proposed itinerary starts from the Paolina Hut reachable from Caress in the province of Bolzano via convenient cable car. The itinerary is of medium difficulty although some points require more attention and commitment when going downhill.

    Moderately difficult itinerary

    Via Ferrata Roda di Vael

    The Via Ferrata Roda di Vael is a pleasant ferrata that allows you to climb the impressive summit of the homonymous peak with a route of medium difficulty. The climb from Passo del Vajolon it's easy while the descent to Finestra Tower it is more difficult in single steps. The itinerary can be combined with Via Ferrata Masarè that continues the ridge and allows to complete a satisfying round loop in the Catinaccio Group.

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