5 Via Ferrata itineraries

Via Ferrata in the Sella Group

The mountainous group of the Sella belongs to the Dolomites of Gardena and is positioned between Val di Fassa, the Val Gardena, the Val Badia and the Val Livinallongo

The group has inside two valleys that cut it crosswise and a slabau. On the steep walls of the 4 slopes rise 5 routes aided with different degrees of difficulty.

Below you find 5 reviews of Via Ferrata that develop inside the Sella Group both on the side of the Val di Fassa and the sides of Val Gardena and Val Badia.

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  • Extremely difficult itinerary

    Via Ferrata Piazzetta at the Piz Boè

    The difficult Ferrata Piazzetta to the Piz Boè is one of the most well-known via ferratas of the Dolomites and it owes its fame to the magnificent context in which it is inserted and to the difficulties that accompany it. The via ferrata is extremely difficult in the first section to then gradually reduce the level to medium difficulty. The hike is challenging and covers a high altitude. To travel if well trained and prepared on challenging routes.

    Very difficult itinerary

    Via Ferrata of Mesules

    The Via Ferrata of Mesules is a long and demanding itinerary that goes up the western side of the Sella Group until you reach the Piz Selva (2941 m). The via ferrata is challenging, requiring technical skills with a great variety of passages and some unprotected key points demanding a firm foot and no vertigo. Itinerary with magnificent 360 degrees landscapes on the most important Dolomite groups of the Val di Fassa and Val Gardena. A long itinerary that requires good planning and stable weather.

    Difficult itinerary

    Via Ferrata Piz da Lech

    The difficult via ferrata of the Piz de Lech extends along a rocky bastion in the eastern slope of the Sella Group that rises the summit of Piz de Lech. The approach is made very short by using by cable car and chairlift up to 2530 m. The ferrata has some challenging points and is generally quite exposed. Wonderful panorama from the summit.

    Moderately difficult itinerary

    Ferrata Tridentina

    The famous Ferrata Tridentina to the Pisciadù is a magnificent ferrata that extends on the north side of the Sella Group in a majestic environment. The technical difficulties of climbing are medium-low, attracting large numbers of hikers during the high season. Return down the steep valley of the Val Setus.

    Moderately difficult itinerary

    Via Ferrata of Vallon

    The Via Ferrata of Vallon is located in the east wall of the Sella Group connecting the Kostner hut to the Piz Boè. The via ferrata does not present substantial difficulties except for the last wall of twenty meters more vertical, exposed and demanding. Ferrata which was re-aided at the beginning of the 2000s with modifications compared to the original layout.

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