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Via Ferrata at Lake Como

The Lake of Como is the third Italian lake by extension and is located at the foot of the Alpine arc between the provinces of Como and Lecco. On its banks there are peaks of absolute alpine interest among which Grigne and Resegone on the Lecco side, the Grona on the Como side, the Moregallo and Horns of Canzo on the intermediate land strip.

Below, we show the aided itineraries that start from those near the shores of the lake. For sake of number, we have avoided entering the routes ascending to Grigne, to the Piani di Bobbio and Arteveggio although these can be reached in a short time from the banks of the Lake of Como.

Below you find 37 reviews of aided ways that develop near the Lake of Como.

Extremely difficult itinerary

Via Ferrata Gamma 2

The Via Ferrata Gamma 2 is one of the most demanding aided routes on the Italian scene. The via ferrata is very varied, technical complex and it develops on the magnificent limestone of the Resegone. The via ferrata is a crescendo of difficulties until it reaches its climax in a narrow chimney of 30 meters just below the end of the route. Recommended for those who are expert climbers, in excellent shape and with experience of difficult via ferrata.

Difficult itinerary

Via Ferrata Silvano de Franco

The Via Ferrata Silvano de Franco is a short, climbable and technical route that develops on the south-western side of the Resegone. The route allows you to reach the summit of the mountain symbol of the city of Lecco.

Difficult itinerary

Via Ferrata Alpini at the Corno Medale

The Via Ferrata del Medale is one of the most beautiful via ferrata in the Lecco area. The route is demanding, technical, exposed and climbable. La Via Ferrata is difficult overall and not recommended for those who do not want to proceed by climbing it as it will be very demanding in terms of energy from the first meters.

Difficult itinerary

Via Ferrata al Corno di Canzo

The Via Ferrata al Corno di Canzo Occidentale is a very nice via ferrata, climbable with a couple of athletic points, among which a long traverse stands out in the middle. The remaining sections are very logical and will give strong satisfaction. Easily matched to the neighbor Ferrata del Corno Rat.

Difficult itinerary

Via Ferrata CAO Como to the Grona

Perhaps one of the most beautiful routes of all the Italian Prealps, the Via Ferrata at Mount Grona is a demanding, long route that climbs a series of very varied rocky towers. The route is reserved for experienced hikers. From the summit, exceptional view on the underlying Lake of Como.

Moderately difficult itinerary

Via Ferrata Gamma 1

The Via Ferrata Gamma 1 is one of the historical routes rising above the city of Lecco. The route is of medium difficulty, although it is long and generally exposed. The itinerary is filled with a long series of ladders which significantly reduce the chances of climbing the beautiful limestone below the Pizzo of Erna.

Moderately difficult itinerary

Aided path Zucco di Sileggio

The Aided path to Zucco di Sileggio rises a few meters above the banks of the Lake of Como near Mandello al Lario. The itinerary is an aided path although there are some fairly easy vertical sections.

Easy itinerary

Aided path of the River

Easy itinerary that, starting from Mandello al Lario, goes up a river bed. Itinerary suitable for beginners and families.

Easy itinerary

Aided Path Pizzetti

Aided path that develops in the south-eastern side of the Monte San Martino North of Lecco. Easy itinerary. To be avoided in the summer due to the heat.

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