19 via ferrata itineraries

Via Ferrata at Lake Garda

The Lake Garda is the largest Italian lake by extension and is included between the provinces of Brescia, Trento and Verona

The massif of Monte Baldo divides it fromAdige river flowing parallel to the lake. The Sarca river is the main tributary and, along its valley, there are many other via ferratas not indicated in this collection. 

The via ferratas on the Brescia side are rather to the south and climb to Monte Spino. The ferrate on the Trentino side develop on the north-western side of the lake. Finally, we meet two Via Ferratas in the massif of Monte Baldo.

Below you find 19 reviews of aided routes that develop near the Lake Garda both on the Verona side, in the Brescia area and in the Trentino area.

Difficult itinerary

Ferrata delle Taccole

The Ferrata delle Taccole is a difficult ferrata that extends on the Monte Baldo to reach the Vetta delle Buse. The via ferrata is athletic, exposed and requires good training, although it is short and climbs up a not too steep slope. Pay attention to the access path to the via ferrata which is often covered with snow even at the beginning of the season.

Moderately difficult itinerary

Via Ferrata Spigolo della Bandiera

The Via Ferrata Spigolo della Bandiera is a ferrata that extends on an airy edge near the Monte Spino on the west coast of Lake Garda. The via ferrata is aerial and in some places requires good arm strength due to the lack of natural grips. In other sections the excellent rock allows for fun climbing. The via ferrata is relatively short and goes perfectly together with the neighbor Via Ferrata Ernesto Franco.

Moderately difficult itinerary

Via Ferrata at Cima Sat

The Ferrata dell'Amicizia to Cima Sat is a long and tiring itinerary that goes back up from the lake to the obvious peak of Cima Sat. The via ferrata is characterized by a series of long ladders that go up the most challenging and overhanging sections of the walls. Attention to the heat that can be encountered in summer, recommended in mid-seasons.

Easy itinerary

Ferrata Susatti at Cima Capi

The easy one Ferrata Susatti to Cima Capi is a very rewarding itinerary from a landscape point of view. It is an ideal via ferrata for those with mountain experience but has not yet ventured into aided paths. Without presenting significant technical difficulties, good exposure is obtained and you can become familiar with the progression in this environment.

Easy itinerary

Aided path Foletti

The Aided path Foletti is an aided path that presents a couple of vertical passages that is used to descend from (or climb to) Cima Capi on the northern side. It is often combined with the climb to Cima Capi via the Ferrata Susatti.

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