9 Via Ferrata itineraries

Via Ferrata at Lake Idro

The characteristic Lago di Idro is located mainly in the province of Brescia and it is possible to reach it from Val Sabbia. The lake to the north east of the lake belongs to the municipality of Bondone, in the province of Trento. The lake is of glacial origin and, although its size is limited, it hosts 6 via ferrata and aided paths on the hills that rise to its sides. The aided routes in this area are practicable almost all year round given the low altitude.

Below you find 6 reviews of aided ways that develop near the Lake of Idro and other 3 reviews that can be reached within a short time.

Very difficult itinerary

Via Ferrata Fregio

The Via Ferrata Fregio is a very demanding and athletic via ferrata that extends on the eastern side of Lake Idro in the province of Brescia. The via ferrata is short but has many overhanging sections that will require good training and shape for the hiker. During the climbing breaks, the via ferrata will offer us a beautiful view of the lake below. Given the low altitude it is a viable viable route for most of the year.

Difficult itinerary

Ferrata Ginestre

The Via Ferrata Ginestre is a ferrata that extends on the eastern side of the Lake of Idro in the province of Brescia. It is a short via ferrata that extends mainly on exposed and challenging traverses. It is often combined with the underlying Ferrata Fregio making the combination definitely a rewarding and demanding trip from the physical point of view.

Moderately difficult itinerary

Via Ferrata Crench

The Via Ferrata Crench is a beautiful medium difficulty via ferrata that takes place in a beautiful environmental context with Lake Idro behind us. The climb is logical and does not present any particular difficulties although a couple of steps are athletic. The short approach and return, together with the low altitude in which it extends, make it ideal to be linked with other ironmongers in the area.

Easy itinerary

Aided Path of the Idro Falls

The Aided path to the Hydro Falls is an easy path, aided in the exposed part inside the gorge of the Neco stream for the first few minutes. The path is very beautiful from a landscape point of view and allows you to see an interesting gorge in a simple itinerary with a short approach.

Easy itinerary

Aided path Sasse

The Aided path Sasse is a very panoramic aided itinerary that runs along a stretch of the eastern slope of the Lake of Idro between the villages of Vesta and Baitoni. The path is passable in both directions and does not present any particular technical difficulties.

Easy itinerary

Via Ferrata Cima Ora

This short itinerary leads us to two aided sections so to reach a ruined fort of the First World War. Recommended trail for beginners.

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