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The Val Badia it is one of the main Dolomite valleys and is placed traversely to the Val Pusteria North. The Valley extends from San Lorenzo di Sebato down to Passo di Campolongo that separates it from the valley of Arabba. Reaching the valley from the north, one enters the Lower Val Badia (La Valle, San Martino and Marebbe) to reach the Alta Val Badia (Corvara and Badia).

The mountain groups of the Val Badia are the Odle-Puez to the west, le Eastern Dolomites of Badia to the east and the Sella South.

To reach Val Gardena from the Autostrada del Brenner, then drive along the Adige Valley, you can drive the Strada Statale 242 (exit Bolzano Nord or Chiusa-Val Gardena). Alternatively it can be reached from the Veneto side via the Falzarego Pass and the Campolongo Pass or from the Gardena Pass.

Below you find 18 reviews grouped by mountain groups of the Val Badia. For some routes you will have to access some valleys adjacent to the Val Badia.


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    The Group of the Eastern Dolomites of Badia is a dolomitic group that extends on the eastern side of the Val Badia

    It is composed of Conturines group, the Col di Lana Group and the Fanis group, the latter also divided into Fanis knot and Lagazuoi knot

    Via ferratas reach the main peaks of the group: Cima Conturines, Cima Dieci, Cima Nove, the Lagazuoi and Cima Fanis.

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    The Group of the Odle-Puez is composed of the subgroups Odle and Puez and is a mountain group belonging to the Dolomites of Gardena and is enclosed between the Val Gardena, the Val Badia and the Val di Funes

    The Odle Group is in turn composed of Odle di Funes, whose main peak is the Sass Rigais, and the Odle of Eores, of which the main peak is the Monte Tullen. The latter is generally reached by the Val di Funes.

    The Puez Group it is surrounded by the Val di Funes, Val Badia and marginally by Val Gardena. Between the main peaks stand out the Piz de Puez, the Cir, the Sass de Putia and Sassongher.

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    The Sella Group is a mountainous group of the Dolomites located between the Val Gardena, the Val Badia, the Val Livinallongo and the Val di Fassa.

    The group belongs to the Gardena Dolomites and two valleys cut the group into two: the Val Lasties towards the Val di Fassa and the Val Mesdì towards the Val Badia. 

    The Val Badia leads to the group through the Passo Gardena that divides it from the Val di Gardena or from Passo Campolongo which divides it from the Cordevole Valley in Veneto.

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