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The Conca Ampezzana, where it stands Cortina d'Ampezzo - the Pearl of the Dolomites - it is one of the most beautiful areas for via ferrata enthusiasts. In fact, the area offers a quantity and variety of itineraries to satisfy every taste for those who love this sport.

In fact, there are many easy and affordable routes for beginners or those who want to get on without special commitments. Among the various we mention the Ferrata to the Averau, the Ferrata to the Sass de Stria and the Ferrata to the Ra Gusela in addition to the various equipped trails in the area. For fans instead of long laps but without significant technical difficulties we signal the Ferrata Dibona, the Strobel to the Pomagagnon, the Via Ferrata Lipella to the Tofana di Rozes or the Ferrate around the Sorapiss. Finally, for demanding enthusiasts, some of the via ferratas around Cortina require strength and ability, like the magnificent one Tomaselli at Cima Fanis, the Olivieri in Punta Anna or the Ski Club 18 at Faloria.

For info about snow and practicability of via ferratas near Cortina, contact the CAI section.


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    The so-called Tofane are the Group of the Ampezzo Dolomites that dominate the western slope of the basin in which it is located Cortina d'Ampezzo. The Tofana di Mezzo is the main peak of the group and is included in a beautiful equipped itinerary that combines some of the most beautiful via ferratas of the Italian Alpine panorama: the Via Ferrata Olivieri in Punta Anna and the Via Ferrata Aglio at Tofana di Mezzo with the option, physically expensive, to reach even the Tofana di Dentro with the Ferrata del Formenton. Equally beautiful and fascinating is the ascent to the Tofana di Rozes with the Ferrella Lipella.


    Sponstandoci to the west towards the Passo Falzarego you enter the Fanes Group, including the beautiful via ferratas of the Alpine Brigade, the Tomaselli at the top of Fanis and the Via Ferrata Fusetti at Sass de Stria.

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    On the south-eastern slope of the Conca Ampezzana rises the Monte Faloria where is possible to cover the physical Via Ferrata Sci Club 18. Continuing south we meet the Sorapiss where is possible to cover a beautiful and challenging round trip combining the Ferrata Berti and the Ferrata Vandelli in a solitary and magnificent itinerary from a landscape point of view. For fans of inaccessible places, theAntelao is the King of the Dolomites. Near its glacier, unfortunately very small, it is possible to follow a via ferrata to descend on the western side of the Antelao with the demanding path of the Lastoi.

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    Cortina d'Ampezzo is dominated to the north-east by the Cristallo Group and Pomagagnon. This group offers right above Cortina imposing rocky ramparts on which some moderate difficulty climbing routes have been installed: the Via Ferrata Bianchi at Cristallo and the Ferrata Dibona they go up to the Cristallo while the Ferrata Strobel at Punta Fiames, the Ferrata of the Third Cengia del Pomagagnon and the Ferrata De Pol they develop on the Pomagagnon.

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    South-west of Cortina, towards the Passo Giau we meet the Nuvolau-Averau Group and the 5 Torri di Cortina. On the Nuvolau and the Averau two easy via ferratas are installed that allow, without substantial technical difficulties, to reach the main peaks of the Group. on 5 Towers of Cortina there are many climbing routes but there are no via ferrata.

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