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The terms and conditions to which users are offered access to the services available on the site ('Ferrate365' or 'the site') are described below.


By using the services available on the Site you accept the following terms and general conditions of use of the service, including the additional terms referred to through the links contained in this page. To access Ferrate365 services it is necessary to read and accept all the terms and conditions present in this Agreement, including the Privacy Policy, gods Cookie and other related rules. If you do not intend to accept our terms and conditions, please do not use our services, leaving the site.

Ferrate365 reserves the right to modify, at any time, the contents of these general terms and conditions of use of the service by publishing the new version on its website, indicating the date of update and any deadline for the same, and duly notifying the new conditions in a dedicated section.

Object of the service

Ferrate365 offers reports and information on aided and non-aided mountain routes, providing, among other things, general information on route difficulties, starting points, route durations, gaps, etc. The reports on the site are the goal, the aid in the preparation of an trip, but they do not in any way replace the assessment and personal responsibility that must take into consideration not only objective factors but also subjective ones. Some indications, for example duration and difficulty of the itinerary, take into account a hiker with proven experience in itineraries such as those presented on the site. The objective difficulties of the route also change significantly based on factors such as weather, altitude, training, the time of year, etc. It is essential to evaluate all the aspects that an trip involves and, in case of doubt, it is advisable to contact a mountain guide or a section of the local CAI. A special note on the weather factor: it is essential to gather information from multiple sources on weather forecasts that can radically change the degree of difficulty of an trip.

Access to the service

Browsing the site is freely allowed to any user, but the use of some services and features (such as reviews or sending photos) require mandatory registration. Registration for the service offered through the Site is carried out by filling in a special form that provides for the entry of mandatory data. By registering on the site, you are accepting the Privacy and Cookie rules. 

Rules for using the site

All users must use the services offered on the site with the good faith and specific diligence required by law in order to safeguard the other users of the site. In particular, it is not permitted to provide incorrect or misleading information on proposed itineraries that could create critical situations for other users.

It is also forbidden to use the Site in such a way as to cause interruptions, damage, malfunctions, even potential ones, to the services offered by the Site.

The use of vulgar and offensive language is not permitted and the use of the site must always be done in respect of other people.

It is explicitly forbidden to carry out spam or systems aimed at forcing reviews of a route. A user's review is a fundamental tool for gathering information, analyzing, integrating and guaranteeing the functionality of the site, the security and updating of all the services offered to our users. Acting in bad faith about reviews can create problems for other users and is therefore prohibited.

Protection of intellectual property

All content on the Site is the exclusive property of Ferrate365 or its suppliers and is protected by the legislation on intellectual and industrial property. All contents of the site are protected and distributed according to License Creative Commons Attribution - Non-commercial - No Derivative Works 4.0 International

When the User provides Ferrate365

of contents of any nature (with the exception of personal data, as defined by EU Regulation No. 679/2016), grants a perpetual license, irrevocable, without territorial limits, free of charge and transferable (at multiple levels) of the rights copyright, publication rights and database rights of which he holds in relation to such content, in any existing or future format. 

Limitation of liability and indemnity

Any claim or request for compensation made by a third party against users in relation to the services offered by this site resulting from the use of the site will be limited to the amount of damages actually suffered by the user, up to the highest amount of € 100, 00 (one hundred / 00).

Abuse and violation of the Rules

Any non-compliant conduct, abuse or violation by any user of the general or specific provisions and rules contained in this Agreement, including sections dedicated to particular categories of Users and in the related Attachments, will legitimize Ferrate365 to adopt any provision and measure, including judicial or extrajudicial, aimed at eliminating the abuse or violation considered illegal in a timely manner.

By way of example, Ferrate365 may discontinue any review, whether negotiated or not, with Users; restrict, suspend or terminate your services and your account; prohibit access to the site, delay access or delete saved content and take technical and legal measures to prevent the user from abusing or violating the site; limit account privileges; charge fees for closed listings; cancel unconfirmed accounts or inactive accounts for a long time.

In any case, Ferrate365 reserves the right to report the illegal conduct to the competent supervisory authorities and the Police and to act for compensation for all damages, economic or otherwise, that may have been suffered.

Other rules

The following are an integral part of this document Privacy Policy and sui Cookie.