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    25/02/2019 at 09:18

    My alarm also sounds this Sunday at 4 am, some postpone alarms .. and then via thermal tights, thermal jersey and trekking stuff ... and planned for the north ...
    It starts in the direction of Roccadoria ... the day is sunny and the wind begins to make its presence felt! ...
    Arriving at the car park we equip ourselves with Imbrago, Longe and gloves and the inevitable helmet !!
    We begin the journey with a trek through thick vegetation on the left and rocky cliffs with beautiful shapes .. to a certain point to our right we find a beautiful tuff quarry ...
    within 20 minutes you reach the beginning of the Ferrata wall ..
    Start with a steel cable ladder ... about 6 meters ... easy ...
    after about 6 meters the rock begins, and the steel steps with the side cable ... for about another 10 meters ... Simple enough, if not for some point where the rock protrudes a lot and forces you to work with arms ...
    after about 10 meters, there is a particular point ... simple for those with long legs ... a little more difficult for shorter ones ... as there is a need to take that last step up to make us safe on the cable horizontal steel ...
    After that point, the horizontal ferrata begins ... diagonally upwards ... the view of the lake is beautiful ... and under the vegetation it is thick ..
    There are some points, quite protruding where you need to pay more attention .. but as long as you take advantage of the short lanyards.you rest your arms as much as you want ... I have really relaxed and done some souvenir selfi ...
    After passing a point with the wall that creates a corner, the simple but equally beautiful piece arrives ... alternating between small ferratee and short stretches of trekking immersed in the green ... beware of stones that roll down the ground if you have other people who have to finish the climb.
    over that ferrata wall..you and an area where you can take a little bit ... you go up again ... and you go back down a very well done staircase with protection ... then you go down completely safely ... you go down again with short walks. and some very tight sections so for safety ... we stick to the cable ... if we use it !!
    Arrived at a very narrow path with the emptiness on the right and the view of the lake..i presents another dead end ... blind for others..but for us passionate and contemptuous of the danger, there is a stairway on the wall ... accompanied by safety cable on the right ... Very beautiful that staircase ... beautiful high and well done ... under us .. the Tibetan bridge ... you scene one at a time because under the staircase there is space for a single person ... Above you will be able to photograph who walk the bridge before it touches you ...
    The Tibetan bridge is about 20 meters long ... below you a gap of about 15 meters .. Nothing so crazy..but still very effective and fun ... I walked first ... then to take good pictures at all those who have followed me ... ... The ferrata path ends with another overhanging path to the right ... and rock to the left, always accompanied by the cable where we can bind ourselves in safety ... I recommend the helmet ... and easy to test ...
    ends with an overhanging staircase, always well done and very panoramic ... we are practically at 20 meters from the beginning of the morning ferrata ...

    It returns calmly to the cars ... obviously we had lunch overlooking the lake and sheltered from the icy wind

    The ferrata one of the most beautiful as view on the lake..And simple for the more experienced..but presents some technical points to which we must be careful ... For the rest I recommend it to everyone ... to the less experienced, listen to whom accompanies you ... and do not rush! To the Next ...

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