• tommy.76
    24/04/2019 at 14:36

    Very beautiful via ferrata for historical and landscape interest ... wonderful view in every direction both on the Croda and on the Cristallo ... I would like to give an information that would have served me and thanks to a call to the mountain rescue I managed without letting them intervene ... I had read a old review and I came down from the scree of the very steep green saddle because in theory there was a way back but it completely collapsed ... calling and talking to a local guide since I tried in vain to go down and look for traces signs or men of stone the guide told me that there is another alternative way and there is ... so I want to share it with those who will do this beautiful ride ... coming down from the green saddle looking at the valley you see two gullies separated by a grove of mughi, the one on the left is the old via landslide the one on the right is the stream that descends, making numerous jumps of rock impassable ... the beginning of the path is close to the on a rock face on the right looking towards the valley, it begins among the mountain pines and here and there is some old sign ... it continues along the wall going up and down the detrital gullies that unload stones pay attention and always keep close to the wall and at a certain point (About 1 hour) you will find yourself on the path of the outward journey leading to the start, turn left and go down towards Ospitale ... if it is clear and you think it can help you well otherwise stick to the review and go down the other side

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