• Elettra De Biasi
    26/08/2019 at 11:26

    Ferrata crossed on 08/24/19 as part of the Croda ring of tones with departure and return to the Carducci Hut (Carducci -> Maria saddle -> Agnel saddle -> Croda saddle of the tones -> Carducci)
    In correspondence with the collapse of the Witzenmann tower, a new section of via ferrata has been aided which rises vertically on the rock more solid to the right of the canal, to avoid crossing the base of the landslide. Only in the last part of the landslide remains a climbing rope (positioned I think of the shelter manager) that allows you to go up the last stretch of the collapsed canal. The new variant is certainly more vertical than the previous sections and, in my opinion, makes Severino Casara a real via ferrata and no longer an aided path.
    Please note that after the saddle of the Agnel, before reaching the Croda saddle, you come across a snowfield that will have different dimensions depending on the season. This year the snowfield was not aided with ropes and we had to cross it slightly uphill. Once out of the snowfield there is still a short stretch aided with a via ferrata rope + 1 nail to overcome a rocky jump of a couple of meters. Obviously, depending on the conditions of the snowfield it will come out at different heights compared to the aided partition wall.
    Overall I would say that the old via ferrata does not present technical difficulties, the Witzenmann variant is in our opinion of medium difficulty (medium difficult / PD). Be careful when crossing the canal and on long exposed sections not aided before and after the Agnel saddle.
    However, the whole tour requires experience for the harsh environment in which it takes place and the terrain is often unstable, especially at the saddle of the Agnel, but it is still spectacular!

  • Filippo Rosi
    10/04/2019 at 22:03

    The context in which the route is developed is magnificent and, although it never presents significant technical difficulties, I found it challenging also because of the length of the trip!

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